Night Photography

Our love affair with night photography started almost from the beginning. As we traveled around, snapping pictures of amazing places, it quickly became clear that low light photography required a new set of skills and some new tools. Many places around the world offer a type of beauty in the day light but quickly turn into something completely different once the sun goes down. The beauty of the city lights and the mysteries hiding in the shadows were too tempting to capture in images. After purchasing a couple of tripods and learning the art of the long exposure we were off to capture the world after sunset.

- Cochem Reflection - Mosel River, Germany -

Church Lights - Vilnius, Lithuania

Foggy Prinsengracht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Goblin Valley Lightning  -  Utah, USA

Shichahai Lake  -  Beijing, China

Medieval City - Siena, Italy

Phang Nga Night - Koh Yao, Thailand

Lisbon Blue Hour - Lisbon, Portugal

Quiet Street - Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Dead Sea Resorts - Dead Sea, Israel

Aurland by Night - Aurland, Norway

Museum Skating - London, England

Seoul skyline  -  Seoul, South Korea


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