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After four long years we have returned to China!  This time was a much tighter schedule so there was very little time to shoot but we managed to get a few fun one as always. On this trip we not only revisited Beijing but also had some time in Shanghai. Here is just a little peak at what we absolutely love about this amazing country.

Bridge + Pagoda  -  Beijing, China

Bridge + Pagoda  -  Summer Palace, China

The National Center for The Performing Arts  -  Beijing China

The National Center for The Performing Arts + The Great Hall of the People  -  Beijing China

Urban Lake  -  Beijing, China

Night in Shichahai  -  Beijing, China

Tall Palace Bridge  -  Beijing, China

Tall Bridge  -  Summer Palace, China

Chinese Sculpture  -  Beijing, China

Forbidden City Sculpture  -  Beijing, China

Windy Island  -  Beijing, China

Windy Island  -  Summer Palace, China

Golden Era  -  Beijing, China

Forbidden City Gate  -  Beijing, China

Decadent Transport  -  Beijing, China

The Marble Boat  -  Summer Palace, China

Center of China  -  Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square  -  Beijing, China

Shanghai Pano  -  Shanghai, China

Shanghai Pano  -  Shanghai, China

In 2010 we managed to get some really interesting photos due to us finally starting to get familiar with photography and our cameras. Its also due to the fact that the places we visited are really amazing and anything you point the camera at looks like the next cover of National Geographic. This time it was great to try a few new things as well as retry some old ones. As the majority of our time, on some travels, is spent in and around theaters, Beijing provides us with easy access to a great photo op. The National Center for The Performing Arts is an architectural photographers dream! Often refereed to as The Egg it looks more to us like an alien ship coming to invade Earth. Its clean simple lines and massive size are elegantly enhanced by its reflection on the water surrounding it and makes it look as if it's floating on air. We loved photographing it on our first trip and this trip was even better. 


Big Red House

Handheld  :  Nikon D300  :  Tokina 11-16mm 2.8  :  Lightroom2
11mm  :  f/2.8  :  0.05 sec (1/20)  :  ISO 640


Big Red House  -  Beijing, China

Tripod  :  Nikon D800  : Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8G  :  Lightroom3
14mm  :  f/11  :  10 sec  :  ISO 100


The Egg Side

 Tripod  :  Nikon D300  :  Tokina 11-16mm 2.8  :  Lightroom2  :  Photoshop CS5 HDR
12mm  :  f/4.5  :  4 sec  :  ISO 200


The Egg + The Government  -  Beijing, China

Tripod:  Nikon D800  : Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8G  :  Lightroom3
14mm  :  f/11  :   30 sec  :  ISO 50


The Wall Above

The Great Wall of China  -  Beijing, China

Red Doorman

A Restaurant Doorman  -  Beijing, China

Beijing Opera House

The National Center for The Performing Arts  -  Beijing China

Moon Corner

The Forbidden City  -  Beijing, China

Long Bridge

Long Bridge  -  Summer Palace, Beijing, China

Pagoda Sunset

Sunset Over The Capital City  -  Beijing, China

Forbidden City View

Smog Over The Forbidden City  -  Beijing, China

Bricks Above The Valley

A Section of The Great wall of China  -  Beijing, China

Blue Path

Blue Hour at The Temple of heaven  -  Beijing, China

Night Market

A Scene at The Night Market  -  Beijing, China

Fisherman Sun

A Fisherman at The Summer Palace  -  Beijing, China

Cloud Shadows On The Wall

The Great Wall of China  -  Beijing, China

Night walk

Walking Through a Hutong at Night  -  Beijing, China


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