Time-lapse Movies

- A still photograph taken while filming Amsterdam Skies -

For years I have been dreaming of making a time-lapse video. Having tested it out several years ago with my friend James, I finally took the opportunity this past fall to do it. I was out doing my usual fall photography when I decided to put my new GoPro to use. I put it down below my main tripod as I was shooting long exposures. After checking the results sever times I found my self picking locations based on doing time-lapse clips rather than stills. I also started putting the little GoPro on the big tripod and the DSLR down below. After learning a few tricks in Imovie it was time to put it all together. Mt first movie was done and I was so happy with the results I employed it as my main strategy to capture my subsequent trip to Mexico, The US, and Spain. On the second video I included a lot of stills to try something a bit different. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

Amsterdam Skies

Still photos from filming of Amsterdam Skies

Fall Trip - Mexico - The US - Spain

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