Vast Spaces

There is nothing like standing directly in front a vast open space that is so big it's hard to comprehend.  It can be humbling and frightening and it can be inspiring and profound.  It seems to give you a choice to either think big and realize your place in all of it or to step away and find a place that is within your realm of understanding. To us its all about thinking of something greater than yourself; your family, your life's work, your friends, your community, your country, your way of living.  These vast open spaces remind us to think outside ourselves. They remind us to have big dreams, but also to remember who we are in all of it. 

The Great Wall of China - Beijing, China

Urban Landscape - Tokyo, Japan

Desert Erosion - Dead Horse Point State Park, USA

Fjord Reflection - Flam, Norway

Dark Skyline - Seoul, South Korea

Distant Mountain - Lanzarote, Spain

Greek Fort - Enna, Italy

Sahara Moon - Zagora, Morocco

Pristine Lake - Lake Hallstatt, Austria

Never Ending Urban - Mexico City, Mexico

Sunset Valley - Salt Lake City, USA

Vast Spaces

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