When we observe the details of any subject we are better informed as to how to deal with its challenges or take advantage of its opportunities. "Men who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its particular details" - Heraclitus. It would be good for each of us to have our eyes on the big picture, but it is frequently small things that add up to big things. “The details are not the details. They make the design” - Charles Eames.

- Venetian Bust - Venice, Italy -

Cathedral Ornamentation - Salamanca, Spain

Swayambhunath Dragons - Kathmandu, Nepal

Geometric Wall Tiles  - Lisbon, Portugal

Holocaust Memorial - Berlin, Germany

"By looking into more details of [American] history, we can make more sense of what's happening today."
Christoph Waltz

Goblin Snake  -  Goblin Valley SP, Utah, USA

Casa de los Azulejos - Mexico City, Mexico

Gothic Sculptures - Amiens, France

Chinese Dragon Sculpture  -  Beijing, China

"Success is the sum of details."
Harvey S. Firestone

Sicilian Baroque - Scicli, Sicily, Italy

Madrasa Wall - Marrakech, Morocco

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."
John Wooden

Temple Sculptures - Bangkok, Thailand

Rain Forest Mushrooms  -  Olympic National Park, USA

Plaza de EspaƱa - Seville, Spain

Ankor Wat Entrance - Ankor Wat, Cambodia

Lantern Roof - Seoul, South Korea

Light & Salt - Dead Sea, Israel 


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