Light Trails

After learning about long exposures we quickly realised how much fun it can be to capture light from objects traveling through the frame. As we briefly touched on in Motion In Stillness and Night Photography; with the shutter open any movement passing through the frame will leave in imprint on the film or sensor. If the camera is still and the objects passing through the frame are emitting light and moving in a repetitive motion they will look like rivers of light.

 - The I-5 Mercer St Exit - Seattle, USA -

Bus from Groningen to Amsterdam - The Netherlands

In this case it's not any object that is moving, its me. Since the camera is secured to the bus and the bus is in motion it comes out sharp while everything outside is blurred.

Bus lights in front of St Paul's Cathedral - London, UK

The Victory Monument - Bangkok, Thailand

Car lights on Tower Bridge - London, UK

Radio City Music Hall - New York City, USA

Chinatown light - Bangkok, Thailand

I-5 lights and city skyline - Seattle, USA

Bicycle lights - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Car lights on Fleet Street - London, UK

Red lights on I-5 - Seattle, USA

Tracks + Roads

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